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  • Residential Sales Forms
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REI FormsNow is REISA’s new online forms and contracts software platform. Over a number of years, members have asked for improvements to our existing forms and it is here NOW. The day of the paperless transaction is here with signing on the screen in the presence of the relevant parties. Further, the REI FormsNow incorporates both an opportunity to place your listings on the REISA Agent Connect (that also incorporates a link back to your own website) as well as an authenticated review mechanism for vendors to comment on the level of service provided by the individual member. These two additional services are opt in measures available to individual members of REISA using REI FormsNow documentation.

Agent Connect refers to exclusive functionality associated with the REI FormsNow system. Agent Connect enables individual members to list their current listings and display their past sales. It further enables individual members to turn on the authenticated review and rating system. Vendor's choose the right agents and by ensuring this information can be made available, vendors can choose based on some data other than the price of the service.

Members can use the REI FormsNow and exclusively for members use only. In order to use REI FormsNow, the trading entity must be a REISA member (ie a current financial member) and pay the requisite fee by 1 January 2014 for the use of the forms and contracts; the individual person working for the trading entity must also become a Practicing Member (sales) or Associate Member (property management) by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

After several years of feedback, REISA recognises that it is critically important that the contracts process is made easier as well as add further value to everyone’s membership of REISA. The REI FormsNow in conjunction with REISA’s Agenct Connect provides a listing and feedback process.

The REI FormsNow will be available from 14 November 2013. All of the residential forms (both Sales and Property Management) will be made available from that date. The old forms system for residential will be switched off (with access available only to view forms and contracts from the old system – no creating new or editing existing forms will be permitted.

Finalised forms (both Sales and Property Management) will be transferred to the new system, allowing you to search, print and save these documents. Any forms that are in a draft state will only be able to be viewed in the old system – no editing of existing forms will be permitted)

The remaining non-residential forms will be progressively transitioned to the new system and members are asked to keep an eye out for further information in this regard. The existing forms will remain available for you (for creating new, editing existing etc) until such time as they have been transitioned to the new REI FormsNow platform.

Most importantly, and for convenience, everyone (both residential and non-residential users of forms) will be directed to the same location albeit with different functionality until all forms have been transitioned to REI FormsNow

For the residential transition from 14 November, your login details for the Trading Entity will remain the same. We are deliberately doing this at first instance to ensure a simple and smooth transition. Click on the access button from the REISA website or from the members only area of the REISA website. The first and initial login will be as the trading entity. Given the old system meant that everyone used the same login, this will continue until the individual unique user includes their personal details into the relevant portions of the forms and contracts – for example, under the heading in the schedule of “Company Representative”. Each individual will then be prompted to create themselves as an individual user under the Trading Entity details. This information will then lead to an email being generated sending the individual their login details and password. This will then enable the individual user to determine a range of matters including downloading their photo etc and the ability to access the Agenct Connect features of listings and authenticated vendor reviews of their service.

Yes from anywhere in the world and on all platforms. Whether it be on your desktop at work or at home, whether it be on your ipad or some other tablet, your REI FormsNow is available to you anytime and at any place that has internet connectivity.

REI FormsNow has been designed to enable use on any tablet.

Yes you can print form your tablet to a printer that is either connected physically or wirelessly to your system. Importantly, printing can be undertaken in the normal way. By printing the documentation and not using the signing on the screen process, a great majority of the functionality cannot be used eg Agenct Connect aspects. Nonetheless, REISA respects that some members would prefer to continue using the pen to execute hardcopy contracts rather than electronically. The REI FormsNow caters for both situations with access to the Agenct Connect being severely limited when using hardcopy forms that are printed out for execution by the parties.

At any time prior to you ‘finalising’ a form, you can make edits and changes. This process is no different to the old forms online program. However after you have finalised a form and you decide a further change is required for whatever reason then you must create a new copy of that existing finalised form. The system can do this automatically leaving you to make the required changes, and when satisfied the form is now complete, you can again finalise the form. Why do I have to finalise a form? The reason is twofold – First it creates an electronic footprint and version of the document such that at any time in the future, changes to documents can be both tracked and version controlled. Secondly, it enables you to engage in the electronic on screen signing process available within REI FormsNow (and the benefits of Agent Connect).

Prior to you finalising a form, you can add an annexure at any time. After you have finalised a document, then you simply create another copy of the form and add the relevant annexure

Yes you can save finalised documents to your local drive.

REI FormsNow uses cloud technology with the best commercially available encryption system to ensure your data is safe. Most importantly, your data is stored on servers maintained in Australia and are therefore protected by Australian Law provisions.

REI FormsNow program allows you to be the focus – you as the individual member of REISA. Given the individual is the focus for the forms and the Agenct Connect (for listings and authenticated vendor reviews), we provide you with an individual login. As such, when you include your details as the Company Representative in the various schedules of the forms, it will, prompt you upon the first time to set yourself up as an individual user – the system will then send you an individual login and password. The next time you use REI FormsNow, you should login using your individual login and password information sent to you via email. You also have the ability to share or not disclose information to others in your office (except of course your Principal who has access at all times should he or she need to see details). This feature is different to the old forms online system.

You should not use somebody else’s login (except for the first time you login using the trading entity login and password details). From the moment you are prompted and receive your personalised login and password details, you must only use that login. By logging in personally all of your individual information will be automatically included for example as the Company Representative. Our philosophy is put in the data once and use it multiple times – we want to save you time as well as provide the extra functionality associated with the Agenct Connect.

Once you have been set up as an individual user, your details are automatically included in the forms that you create once you login for the second and all further times. Put in data once and use it multiple times.

REI FormsNow have been generated and reviewed by respected property law experts and so the forms come with that in mind.

Whilst you are physically present with either your Vendor or Purchaser (or even both at the same time) then yes you can. The same applies for property management matters. The REI FormsNow programme will prompt the signing person to acknowledge and agree that, in general they are aware that they are signing electronically and that they further acknowledge that they are committing to some legal obligations.

Signing with a stylus on a tablet screen whilst in the physical presence of the person signing is no different to signing with ink on a paper form.

Yes you can but in order for the other party to sign on the screen, they must be in your physical presence. Lugging around a desktop is impractical. Lugging around your laptop or tablet (iPad or Android) with internet connection is more of a reality – in that instance you would use the mouse or a stylus to create a signature on the screen.

Then you are obliged to print out the REI FormsNow documentation to get it physically signed with ink.

It is not a scam. REISA being the peak body permits and even encourages it as a process. Electronic signing and communication is becoming a factor in everyone’s daily life. Property is no exception. One final point of note – the Electoral Commission also encourages the signing on the screen to partake in what every Australian over the age of eighteen is entitled and must do – to engage in the fundamental democratic right to determine governments through enrolling to vote. If you can sign up to enrol to vote electronically then every facet of democratic life, including matters relating to property, are permitted and becoming more and more socially acceptable.

Residential sales and property management will be made available from 14 November. All of the remaining forms will be transitioned to the new REI FormsNow platform between that date and 1 January 2014.

The Form 1 will be available from 14 November 2013.

You can print out blank forms when needed.

The forms are deliberately ‘vanilla forms’. There will always be occasions where extra space might be needed to incorporate a large number of vendors, purchasers etc etc. By creating extra space for those occasions, REISA obtains feedback from Users that our forms are too long. So on that basis, we recommend you attach a Blank Annexure to your form and utilise that feature.

If you cannot make changes to a document, it is highly likely that you have finalised the form. Once you have finalised a form (ie removed the draft watermark from the form), it cannot be changed. But do not despair – your previous work on the form was not in vain. However, you can duplicate the same form that copies that form exactly in a draft format and to which you can undertake those changes.

With regard to printing, emailing, or login failures, we suggest you check you are using the correct information to login. Failing that, feel free to contact the REISA Help Desk.

The hours of the helpdesk are normal business hours – 8.30am to 5.30pm. We recommend that you review the Help feature contained within the REI FormsNow to see if there is any possible solution suggested there before contacting the Help Desk. There is also a feature to send an email out of hours (ie create a help ticket) to ensure we can help you at the first and next best opportunity on a business day.

REISA owns the forms and all things copyright in them so in effect, you as a member own them. REISA has worked very hard to ensure all intellectual property in the forms and contracts are owned and maintained by ourselves.

To continually improve the forms and add associated services costs money to both create, and maintain, and as such REISA makes no apology for ensuring improvements to forms occurs. To use the REI FormsNow (and associated Agent Connect features of the listing and authenticated review and rating system) requires three things to occur at all times.

  1. The Trading Entity must be a member, and more particularly a current financial member, of REISA.
  2. The Trading Entity must pay the ‘all you can eat’ fee per annum according to the number of sales and property managers utilising the forms
  3. From 31 March 2014, the individuals members (either Practicing Member for sales staff, and Associate Members for Property Management Staff) must be financial members in the relevant category of membership

To pay for Trading membership and associated individual category memberships, payment can be made in the usual way – via your member login and using any of the several methods on offer at

To pay for the use of the forms, simply use your Trading Entity login in the usual way and utilise the credit card facilities to pay for the requisite users in accordance with the payment schedule (based upon the number of sales and property manager users).

You do not have to use REI FormsNow.


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